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ÆON Credit Service (Philippines) Inc. (‘Company’ or ‘ÆON Credit’) was incorporated on February 14, 2013. A month after its incorporation, ÆON Credit commenced its operations by offering ÆON Installment Plan, a loan facility availed by customers to be able to purchase consumer products without any credit card through its growing partner merchants and store affiliates.

ÆON Credit is a subsidiary of ÆON Financial Service Co., Ltd. Japan (‘ÆON Financial’), a company listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The core business of ÆON Financial is the issuance of credit cards and prepaid cards. It has 35 million credit card holders in Japan and overseas and 41 million prepaid card holders in Japan. It is in fact one of the biggest credit card issuers and a leading consumer credit provider in Japan.

It is worthy to note that ÆON Financial is a member of the ÆON Group of Companies (‘ÆON Group’), a global retail and financial services group based in Japan. ÆON Group consists of around 300 subsidiaries and affiliated companies which operate mainly in Asia.

ÆON’s most basic and abiding principles are the pursuit of peace, respect for humanity, and contribution to local communities through customer entered initiatives. Under these principles, we are determined to achieve global management standards.

ÆON Group, in managing its businesses, is always guided by its fundamental principle of ‘Customer First’ philosophy. Its aim is to surpass expectations by combining excellent products with unique personal services.


To provide a wide range of consumer financial services that best meet customer needs and we are committed 
to serve customers to enhance their lifestyle through our products and services.


To establish ÆON as a leading brand in consumer finance and service industry 
by providing excellent customer service.

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